BMPA Winners

International Short-Film Competition

1st Place

Niemand Liebt Dich So Wie Ich
[No One Loves You As I Do]

(Germany/Italy/Switzerland -- Drama)

Writers: Daniel Böhme (adapted from) & Alexander Powelz
Producers: Olivier Kayser & Luca Zamai
Director: Luca Zamai

2nd Place

The Line

(USA -- Drama)

Writers: Kent Bassett & Mariah Montgomery
Producers: Kent Bassett & Michelle Johnson
Director: Kent Bassett

3rd Place


(USA -- Mockumentary)

Writer: Hari Kondabolu
Producers: Hari Kondabolu & Zia Mohajerjasbi
Director: Zia Mohajerjasbi


Absolute Zero

(Australia -- Docudrama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Alan Woodruff


(Bolivia -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Luis D. Ortiz

Bombay Skies

(India/USA -- Dramedy/Musical)

Writer, Director: Rita Rani
Executive Producer: Sushil K. Ahuja

Freedom Dance

(USA -- Documentary/Animation)

Writer: Susie McCauley
Producers, Directors: Steven Fischer & Craig Herron


(USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Nicholas Ozeki
Producer: Adam Renehan

Silent Radio

(USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Alan Arrivée
Producers: Blake Adams, Alan Arrivée, Courtney Kneupper, & Geoffrey Woodhall

The Vaudevillian

(USA -- Dramedy)

Writer: Joe Giannetti
Producer: Amanda Ellis
Director: Bryan Nest


All Hang On

(Australia -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Wei-Han Ting

At the Wall

(USA -- Documentary)

Writer, Executive Producer, Director: Warren Bass
Producer: Zilan Munas

The Ballad of Breaking George

(USA -- Drama)

Writers: Guershon Moreno & David Strauss
Producer: Kelvin Curtis
Director: Guershon Moreno

Civil War

(USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: C.C. Webster
Producer: Erin Moore

The Erogenous Zone

(USA -- Comedy)

Writer, Producer, Director: Nick Abdo

More Abandon

(USA -- Drama)

Writers: Joshua Ferris & Brett Haley
Producer: Gilana Lobel
Director: Brett Haley

[The Letter]

(Canada/Russian Federation -- Drama)

Writers: Tatiana Sarana & Matvei Zhivov
Producer: Andrei Fedulov
Director: Matvei Zhivov

See Rock City

(USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Doug Osman
Producer: Petra Vybiralova

The Storm

(USA -- Drama)

Writer: Yelena Moskovich
Executive Producer, Director: Paris Pickard

To Spiti me tis Elies
[House of the Olive Trees]

(Greece/USA -- Drama)

Writers: Thouly Dosios & Maeve McQuillan
Producers: Louizos Aslandis & Thouly Dosios
Director: Thouly Dosios

International Spoof-Writing Competition

1st Place

Sweet Success

Written by Anita Justice Skibski

2nd Place


Written by Simon Nagel

3rd Place

Lake's Eleven

Written by Pete Sleeper



Written by Russ Meyer

Hefty, Hungry, and Homicidal

Written by Colleen A. Keogh

How to Play the Intimate Scene

Written by Farah Mohamed

Ken Burns' America: "90-foot Smoking Parrot Made of Cheese"

Written by Tim Moran

Less Than Meets the Eye

Written by Aaron Pease


Written by Lesley Kim

Up the Wall

Written by Scott Van Den Berg


High School Heroes

Written by Taylor Cohan

International Short-Film Competition

1st Place Winner



(Australia -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Beth Armstrong
Producer: Luke Eve

2nd Place Winner

What's Love Doing in the Mountains?


(Turkey/USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Yunus E. Firat
Producer: Matthew Quezada

3rd Place Winner

Do You Want the Elephant Music


(CA, USA -- Documentary)

Writer, Director: Leslie Dektor
Executive Producer: Faith Dektor


Artistic License

(CA, USA -- Comedy)

Writers: Nate Cohen, Michael Wohl
Producers: Divi Crockett, Nate Cohen
Director: Michael Wohl

Derek's Appeal

(TX, USA -- Drama/Fictional Documentary)

Writer, Producer, Director: Peter Malof

How My Next Door Neighbor
Discovered Life on Mars

(Australia -- Family/Adventure)

Writer: Matthew Clayfield
Executive Producers: Penelope Butcher, Richard Mason, Mary Mason
Producers: Trevor Smith, Alex Fewster, Daniel Lake
Director: Austin Andrews

Live at Five

(NY, USA -- Comedy)

Writer, Director: Averie Storck
Producer: Jennifer Grausman

Men Shall Know Nothing of This

(Israel -- Experimental)

Writer, Executive Producer, Director: Rona Sagi
Producer: Nati Sagi

Second Round

(CA, USA -- Historical Drama)

Writer, Director: Phillip Briggs
Executive Producers: Phillip Briggs, Phil Bucci, Patrick L. Briggs
Felice & Isabella Bucci, Deborah Brown, Kirby and Roberts
Producers: Phil Bucci, Phillip Briggs, Dan Ventresca

The Undertaker

(UK/Estonia -- Dark Comedy)

Writer, Director: Annaleena Piel Linna
Executive Producer: Peeter Urbla
Producers: Annaleena Piel Linna, Trine Haslund Karlsson



(WI, USA -- Experimental)

Writers: Mitch Buss, Eric Hillman
Director: Mitch Buss


(VA, USA -- Experimental)

Writers: Alan Canode, Justin Rossbacher
Producer, Director: Justin Rossbacher


(ME, USA -- Drama/Mystery)

Writer, Producer, Director: Kristian McKenna

John Doe & the Anti

(CA, USA -- Drama/Comedy/Action)

Writer, Executive Producer, Director: Jeremy Rush
Producer: Alex Gaynor

Latent Sorrow

(CA, USA -- Animation -- Experimental)

Director: Shon Kim

The Life A(coin)ic

(NY, USA -- Mockumentary)

Writers, Producers, Directors: JD Marlow & M. Dean Egan

Smashing Stereotypes

(CA, USA -- Comedy/Drama)

Writer: David Mulligan
Producer: Ken Horkavy
Director: Kitania Kavey


(CA, USA -- Drama/Mystery)

Writer, Executive Producer, Director: Andreas Lindergård
Producers: Andreas Lindergård, Maggie Soboil, Camilla Davenport


(ON, Canada -- Drama/Dark Comedy)

Writer, Director: David Rendall
Producers: Bobby Del Rio, David Rendall


(NY, USA -- Comedy)

Writer, Director: Bryan D'Alessandro
Producer: Rick Silvestrini

International Short-Film Competition

1st Place Winner

The Photo


(NS, Canada/India -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Hari Das
Based Upon "The Photo" by M. Mukundan

2nd Place Winner



(NY, USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: Steven Addair
Producers: Danielle Addair, Jim Hall

3rd Place Winner

Winter (En Hiver)


(OR, USA -- Animation -- Drama)

Producer, Director: Andy Collen
Writers: Amy Blumenstein-Collen and Andy Collen
Art Director: Amy Blumenstein-Collen


Dark. Bright. Red.

(England -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Danann Breathnach
Story From "The Devil's Larder" by Jim Crace


(CA, USA -- Drama/Dark Comedy)

Writer: Tyler Stockton
Executive Producers: Reagan Bond, Garrett Grabowsky
Producer: Geoff Fortner
Director: Tyler Stockton

Guard Dogs

(CA, USA -- Mockumentary)

Writers: Tyler Brooks, Vince Duvall
Producer: Vince Duvall
Directors: Vince Duvall, Tyler Brooks


(MA, USA -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Danica Mills

Roadside Attractions

(CA, USA -- Drama)

Writer, Director: C.J. Roy
Executive Producers: James D. Clayton, Ted Kelly
Producer: CJ Roy, Tom Gander

Someone, No One

(WI, USA -- Drama/Experimental)

Writer, Executive Producer: Eric Hillman
Producer, Director: Mitch Buss


(CA, USA -- Drama)

Writer, Producer, Director: Sara Rashad


Between Channels

(GA, USA -- Drama)

Writer: Mike Lombardo
Producers: Mike Lombardo, Michael Reagan
Director: Mike Lombardo

Cairo Chronicles

(Egypt/USA -- Documentary)

Writer, Producer, Director: Tania Kamal-Eldin

The Elephant's Egg

(CA, USA -- Live Action/Computer Animation --

Writer: Sam Yousefian
Executive Producer: Saeed Yousefian
Producers: Sam Yousefian, Craig Anderson
Director: Sam Yousefian

The Ends of the Alphabet

(CA, USA -- Film Noir/Comedy)

Writer, Producer, Director: Eric Jon Kurland

Here Comes Private Investigator Kengo Koshiyama

(UT, USA -- Comedy)

Writers: Yohei Kawamata, Lee Isaac Chung
Producer, Director: Yohei Kawamata

An Internal Affair

(CA, USA -- Dramedy)

Writer: Constance Hasapopoulos
Producer: Gio Hidalgo
Director: Rock Jacobs

Job Huntin'

(MA, USA -- Dark Comedy/Horror)

Writers: Kennon Shain, Brian Milchunes, Scott Anderson, Jon Shea, Paul Keenan
Executive Producers: Kennon Shain, Brian Milchunes, Scott Anderson
Producers: Jon Shea, Paul Keenan
Director: Brian Milchunes

Just Another Passionate Kiss

(NV, USA -- Comedy)

Writer: Andrew Hass
Producer: Jennifer Larson


(CA, USA -- Drama/Psychological Thriller)

Writer: Chelsea Huff
Executive Producer: Greg Huff
Producer: Chelsea Huff
Director: Ivan Corona


(NY, USA -- Docudrama)

Writer: Elli Ventouras
Producers: Elli Ventouras, Dimitri Athanassatos
Director: Elli Ventouras

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