After the death of his son, a hired killer struggles to escape the haunts of a lifetime of sin. Now asked to kill another man's wife, Alexander Poversky tries to hold onto what's left of his sanity as he spirals downward into a never-ending nightmare, making it increasingly difficult to stomach his chosen profession. Each death has become a tragedy, a tragedy followed by an obituary, an obituary with a name and a past. A name and a past for Alexander, he only wishes to forget.

In Ukrainian (with English Subtitles) and English

Technical Specs:

30 Minutes    |    MiniDV [16x9]
Color/B&W    |    Live-Action Drama


Writer/Director/DP/Editor: Steven Addair
Executive Producer/Producer: Danielle Addair
Producer/Assistant Director: Jim Hall
Script Supervisor: Christiane Arbesu
Grips: Matt Kelsey, Matt Sears
Props: Mary Donaghy


Alexander Poversky: Taras Michael Los
Bianca: Sara Hatfield
Sergei: Andrew Addair

Taras Michael Los starring in Necrolog

Taras Michael Los starring in Necrolog
© 2004 Steven D. Addair

Sara Hatfield in Necrolog

Sara Hatfield in Necrolog
© 2004 Steven D. Addair

Behind-the-scenes photo from the motion picture Necrolog

Behind the scenes of the motion picture Necrolog
© 2004 Steven D. Addair

Review of Necrolog by the BMPA Founders (Warning--Contains Spoilers):

Necrolog, a dramatic short by Steven Addair, relies as much upon cinematography as it does upon story—as much upon editing as it does upon acting. Necrolog is a complete motion picture that establishes a setting so tactile, and a mood so enveloping, that it could probably hold its own without actors. Lucky for us, though, Steven Addair included them.

Taras Michael Los—an actor who understands that the moments between dialogue are at least as important as the moments during—stars as Alexander Poversky, an assassin whose past deeds are haunting him. Poversky is hired to kill another man’s wife (played by Sara Hatfield with a quiet intensity that matches Los’s). As Poversky’s mental state decays little by little, he finds himself unsure whether to kill his target or save her life.

With only a six-person crew by his side, and a Canon XL1 in his hands, Steven Addair put together a motion picture that works on every level. With his apparent skill as a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, Mr. Addair undoubtedly has a long, successful career ahead of him.

About the Filmmaker:

Steven D. Addair lives in NYC. Past projects include several short films including Ivory (Super 16) and PETTY CA$H (Super 16). He also directs music videos, and shoots/directs/edits corporate videos for many Manhattan companies.

Originally from VA, Steven also worked at TV stations in Chicago while getting his Master's in Film/TV from Governor's State University in 1998. Since then, Steven has worked in most film and video formats while also writing several feature-length screenplays. Steven and his wife Danielle (an executive producer for a Manhattan production company) formed Addair Productions in 1999.

Photography by Maureen