ANNOUNCEMENT (May 16, 2008): Winners Announced! To see who placed in the Top 3 of this year's International Short-Film Competition and International Spoof-Writing Competition, click here!


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Apply now, and you could win $1000s of Dollars in Cash and Prizes, as well as a Distribution Agreement.

Moreover, previous BMPA winners have had their films screened at festivals such as the prestigious Slamdance Film Festival; the Tribeca Underground Film Festival; the Boston Int'l Film Festival; France's Festival du Film du Strasbourg, and Australia's Melbourne Int'l Animation Festival.

Want to learn more? Click here to see a list of this year's prizes!


Apply now, and Your Script Could Be Sent into Production!

7 Fluid Oz. Productions LLP
and Dennis Hurley, makers of the critically acclaimed short parody The Albino Code*, are looking to turn one talented comedy writer's script into a film! So...what would you like to parody?

* The Albino Code was featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Inside Edition, was screened at four festivals across the United States, and will soon be available for purchase on DVD.


"The Boston Motion Picture Awards really help you to launch your next film. The BMPA has put together an awards package that helps both the novice and experienced filmmakers. This is because their awards focus on what filmmakers really want and need. Consequently, your win in BMPA both energizes and equips you to make new films while their friendly, supportive people make you want to have a lasting relationship with the agency."

Hari Das (1st Place, 2005 BMPA Int'l Short-Film Competition)


About the Boston Motion Picture Awards

In 2003, Boston-area filmmakers Aaron and Seth Howland walked into their first film festival, the Boston International. Still relatively new to the industry, they were simply hoping for a chance to network with local filmmakers, and for a successful premiere of Jack Milton, a short comedy they produced in late 2002.

After walking through the doors and meeting other filmmakers from around the country, Aaron and Seth quickly realized that most filmmakers, no matter their experience, ask each other the same question... (continued)

2006 International Short-Film Competition Winner: Danya

Maddi Newling in DANYA

Written & Directed by
Beth Armstrong

Ian Bliss in DANYA
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